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From Honorary Consulate in Bulgaria

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Africa Day 2019

Africa Day 2019


Africa Day 2019

The African countries accredited in Bulgaria - South Africa, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine and the Honorary Consuls of Mauritius, Seychelles and Guinea marked Africa Day in Bulgaria with a glamourous celebration at the City Garden (National Theatre Ivan Vazov Garden) in Sofia. Africa Day is an annual celebration where all African countries represented in Bulgaria manifesting their culture. Freshly cooked delicacies, traditional drinks, native dances and historical artifacts were exhibited to the guests to spread the African spirit.

This year’s organization of the celebrations was done by H.E. Mrs. Latifa BENAZZA, Ambassador of Algeria to Bulgaria, and Dean of the African Group, under the auspice of Ms Iliana Iotova, Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria. A significant number of distinguished guests, Bulgarian citizens and foreign tourists came to enjoy African music, costumes, souvenirs and traditional dishes and dance to African rhythms in an atmosphere of friendship and conviviality. This celebration, placed under the motto “A healthy lifestyle prolongs life” received wide coverage by Bulgarian media, including television, print media, and social networks.

HC Mauritius presented the rich culture, high-class tourism and vast business possibilities in the country, ranked highest in Africa for Democracy, Economic and Sustainable development. Kids had the chance to touch the sand and corals from the Mauritius coasts and their parents to try traditional Mauritius rum. 

Photos from the event can be seen in the Gallery section.

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