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Mauritius Rum wins first place in Global awards


Rum from the Mauritian cane is worth gold - from more than 280 sugarcane spirits from 43 countries, New Grove Emotion Rum from Mauritius was crowned #1

New Grove Emotion rum . Fine connoisseur or simple lover of rum and spirits, if this name meant nothing to you so far, know that now, you risk hearing about it, and no doubt even welcoming it to your table. And for good reason: this Mauritian rum won first prize at the International Sugarcane Spirits.

The New Grove Emotion (Oldest Rum aged Since 1969) was awarded the Golden Cane, the competition´s highest distinction. The latter tends to become the most prestigious in the world in the field of cane spirits, in order to promote the cultural richness and plurality of this industry.

This Mauritian rum, which stands out thanks to its fruity and powerful essence, its pastry and buttery notes and its hints of citrus fruit and sweet spices, seduced the members of the jury composed of 40 experts, from 17 countries and four continents. A new format as well, since it is based on patient tasting: the judges tested the samples for a month. Suffice to say that it was heavy.

A significant recognition since more than 280 cane spirits, from 43 countries, divided into 16 categories (craft rums, pure juice or molasses rum…) were registered for this very first edition. The gold medal represented the 2 nd position. The latter was awarded to “HSE Très Vieux Rhum Agricole VSOP ” from Martinique, followed by “ Savanna Single Cask Grand Arôme Chai Humide 12 ans” rum from Reunion Island.

This victory heralds bright days for the New Grove brand. A 100% Mauritian distillery, which produces light or traditional rums. Health!

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