Star and Key of the Indian Ocean

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От Почетното Консулство в България

От Мавриций

Mauritius - Feel our island energy


Calming, euphoric, curious, adventurous – Mauritius is the place to embrace every energy , a

destination to feel connected and be free.
The island offers a holiday adventure full of authentic interactions and meaningful experiences.
We are inviting travellers to pause from their busy lives and feel present, taking time out to
connect with themselves and their family.
Our campaign is an open invitation from Mauritians to come and explore mountains, lagoons,
waterfalls, beaches, national parks and buzzy markets. Mauritius is big enough for
extraordinary adventures and small enough to do it all in one holiday.
Most importantly, the people of Mauritius are warm, welcoming and invite you to feel our island
Discover our main video, which encapsulates our new campaign and showcases our stunning
landscapes through the eyes of our people. Turn the music up to feel our island energy!

Mauritius - Feel our Island Energy - YouTube

Feel our island energy

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