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Africa Day Celebration 2023


The celebration of "Africa Day" on the 27th of May 2023 in Sofia, which marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the continental organization, is an opportunity to highlight African cultural diversity in various aspects by creating, nurturing and raising awareness among the general public, as well as to show African unity through activities such as bazaars, cultural artifacts, African costumes and clothing, culinary art, which is presented to the public, in addition to a program of dances and shows that reflect African identity.

The African Ambassadors accredited to the Republic of Bulgaria of Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa, and the Honorary Consuls representing Mauritius, Seychelles and Sudan, had the honor to host the “Africa Day” celebrations 2023 at the Ivan Vasov national Theatre City Garden in Sofia.

Mauritius was presented with music and dance, and had its own stand to showcase it as a tourism destination, as well as an educational and financial hub, with vast economic possibilities within the country and Africa as a whole. The economic, social and democratic developments and achievements of Mauritius were emphasized, as well as some good examples of trade cooperation and partnerships.

Great interest in Mauritius was seen by the overall public attending the event and multiple interviews were given by Hon Consul Mr Christo Iliev, and deputy Mr. Christo Bushev.

Special guest to the event Ms. Iliana Iotova, Vice President of Bulgaria, was very interest to learn more about Mauritius, with a special appearance on the country’s stand. It was also visited by numerous Ambassadors, MPs, Consuls and representatives of trade organizations.


Pictures from the event can be seen in the galery here


Pictures by the official photographer of the event from Diplomatic Life magazine could be see here:

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